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CSI: NY jumped the shark

Samstag, Januar 9th, 2010

With Denny „Nolegs“ Messer, the barely walking-again lab tech, pursuing an „armed and dangerous“ criminal through New York’s sewer system — without any need ahead of the following SWAT team — for me, CSI: NY finally jumped the shark.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I understand the effort it takes for the series makers to keep in some action, and am ready to accept the concept of the „wider“ job description the characters have. Otherwise it would be plain boring, just like reality tends to be. But has every little bit of believability be sacreficed to gain some attention from otherwise unreachable target groups? Might well be, that neither new viewers are attracted, nor the total amount of devoted fans is increasing.

That was it for me. So long…

Montag, Mai 11th, 2009

[demanding food]
„Lois, less talky, more fetchy.“

Peter Griffin, Family Guy „I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar“ (S2E8)

Persuasive advertising taken to the next level

Samstag, Mai 9th, 2009

In the dull and dreary time between TopGear seasons I turned back to the warm memories of bygone happiness, trying to watch some best-ofs in the video section of our beloved TV show. Understand my disappointment so, when the screen just stayed utterly black, shouting „LOADING PLAYER“ — for ever.
First I considered it a bug and moved along, but as it has not been fixed after one week, I tried to understand where exactly the problem was.
As it turns out, the blokes at fiddled about the javascript starting the flash player, informing it whether or not the ads integrated into the page are loaded and displayed properly — which (of course) isn’t the case with Adblock Plus turned on. After turing it off and reloading the page, the videos worked as expected.

Still have to figure out, what this makes me think and feel…

Freitag, Mai 1st, 2009

[Entering a conceiled room full of nazi collectibles]
„We just found our closet nazi’s closet.“

Don Flack, CSI:NY „Yahrzeit“ (S5E22) — more fun than intelligent

Dienstag, April 28th, 2009

„This isn’t driving. This is naval warfare.“

Jeremy Clarkson, testing a Bentley Brooklands