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I’m actually missing words here

Samstag, Mai 30th, 2009
WC-Center Sometimes you just wonder what exactly people thought, when they came up with a brilliant idea.

Lavatory sinage, Main (train) station, Berlin, Germany

…but is it any good?

Sonntag, Mai 17th, 2009

Actually, I am euphoric but try to cover that up. Really!

After short-lived flickers of life in Wolfram|Alpha over the last couple of days it finally seems up and running. Or, should I rather say „public“? Because — beliving the machine itsself — they were secretly creating that monster for years.

> how old are you?
> 1.635 days

So the thing actually is kind of self-aware. And as I am not, at least in mathematical terms, why bother figuring out which day that was.

> today - 1635 days
> Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Well, ok — it knows math. No surprise there (Enormously helpful, though).

So much for the moment. Sure there will be tons and tons of reviews all over the internet soon. Till then let’s give the hard working developers at Wolfram|Alpha a first applause and some time to head for the further goals they declaredly strive for.

> Who is your daddy?
> Human Discourse: Additional functionality for this topic is under development...

Thanks. We are all looking forward…

Montag, Mai 11th, 2009

„Wer kein Mozart ist, wollte auch keiner werden.“

„Das Römische Bad“, Ralph Oehme

Montag, Mai 11th, 2009

[demanding food]
„Lois, less talky, more fetchy.“

Peter Griffin, Family Guy „I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar“ (S2E8)

Persuasive advertising taken to the next level

Samstag, Mai 9th, 2009

In the dull and dreary time between TopGear seasons I turned back to the warm memories of bygone happiness, trying to watch some best-ofs in the video section of our beloved TV show. Understand my disappointment so, when the screen just stayed utterly black, shouting „LOADING PLAYER“ — for ever.
First I considered it a bug and moved along, but as it has not been fixed after one week, I tried to understand where exactly the problem was.
As it turns out, the blokes at fiddled about the javascript starting the flash player, informing it whether or not the ads integrated into the page are loaded and displayed properly — which (of course) isn’t the case with Adblock Plus turned on. After turing it off and reloading the page, the videos worked as expected.

Still have to figure out, what this makes me think and feel…