Sony proudly presents — the US government!?

The nice jQuery carousel on shows teasers for different kinds of content, and — already for the second time — depicts a preview of Barack Obama’s weekly address on an exceptionally good looking Sony display.

As far as can be told from the pictures the object of desire is most likely a Sony LMD-2450W LUMA Series (or one of its siblings) which comes at $3000 or so, featuring 1920x1200px WUXGA (so real HD) resolution, PiP, … mainly targeted on professional video editing.

Aside of all the impressive technical detail, there is one issue, though. Why does the US government offer free advertising space on such a prominent place. Or, to ask the other way around, what did Sony pay to be allowed to provide this display to the President’s Oval Office?

Somehow it occurs to me that in most of the western countries a piece of gadget-colored duct tape (or eventually a more sophisticated method) would have prevented this product placement. Unless, of course, it happens on purpose. And who had the feeling that anything concerning Barack Obama, over the last months, happend by accident?

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