Richard Hammond wearing ear piece

It caught my eye a couple of times, but today I looked it up on the interweb — just to find no satisfying answer. Or did I?

Why is Richard Hammond (sort of) always wearing a wire-based ear piece in the studio?

You may reckon its the standard TV presenter thingy, but why aren’t Clarkson and May wearing one, too? Is he somewhat more „important“, coordinating the on-stage appearance of the show?

Just for those of you who were living under a stone the last couple of years, or so — the show in question is Top Gear.

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  1. Joseph sagt:

    Might not be due to importance, but rather comfort with being able to stay in contact with the set crew (director etc) they can feed him important information if he needs it while james and Jeremy might 1. find it hard to present while having a voice crack over there right ear. I do security work and wear the same headset (covert they call them) and when i get into a conversation with someone that lats more than a moment i do pull the head set out of my ear because trying to carry a conversation on while hearing various things over the radio can be hard.

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