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Quality; there she goes

Freitag, Februar 27th, 2009

Not that it makes me particularly happy, but its somehow reliefing that even the blokes working for „Mr. Lotus Effect“ do not stay uninfluenced when the cold-hearted reality impacts.

In a mere month code quality has deteriorated 13 fold just looking at the numbers. Formerly 2 errors became 26.

Ok, I am picky on that — but isn’t it soothing not to be the only one imperfect?!

memcache is on holiday — please call back later

Freitag, Februar 27th, 2009

PHP Warning:  Memcache::pconnect(): Can't connect to localhost:11211, Unknown error (0) in on line 343, referer:

Why does this have to happen? You would think that the task of „creating“ an already exising connection, or merely returning the pointer to it, would be an easy one.

More often than not, it isn’t. We are just talking 1 out of 50.000 or so, but still enough to make quite an impact on the error files if you just scale PI. That will be it for tomorrow, let’s see who succeeds in the end — m(a/e)n or [unspeakable] machine.

Evolution of … everything — The sequel problem

Sonntag, Februar 8th, 2009

Ok. Everybody knows Evolution of dance. Today it has a whopping 113m+ hits (*nuts*) on Youtube and eventually is the most discussed video of all times.

As with everything that is successful, sooner or later there will be a sequel which will do nothing but disappoint. In the former case this may not even have been seen by anyone without the, as well disappointed, mentioning on rocketboom. Or would it?

The same logic applies to James Bond („Quantum of disappointment“), Batman („The dark disappointment“), and some say — I don’t personally have an opinion on that, though — even Winnie The Pooh. Jeremy Clarkson comes to my rescue and nails it once again.

Just don’t try to improve something which is working already nice and smoothly. Or to stick closer to this blog’s idea: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Sony proudly presents — the US government!?

Sonntag, Februar 8th, 2009

The nice jQuery carousel on shows teasers for different kinds of content, and — already for the second time — depicts a preview of Barack Obama’s weekly address on an exceptionally good looking Sony display.

As far as can be told from the pictures the object of desire is most likely a Sony LMD-2450W LUMA Series (or one of its siblings) which comes at $3000 or so, featuring 1920x1200px WUXGA (so real HD) resolution, PiP, … mainly targeted on professional video editing.

Aside of all the impressive technical detail, there is one issue, though. Why does the US government offer free advertising space on such a prominent place. Or, to ask the other way around, what did Sony pay to be allowed to provide this display to the President’s Oval Office?

Somehow it occurs to me that in most of the western countries a piece of gadget-colored duct tape (or eventually a more sophisticated method) would have prevented this product placement. Unless, of course, it happens on purpose. And who had the feeling that anything concerning Barack Obama, over the last months, happend by accident?

Git — The fast version control system

Donnerstag, Februar 5th, 2009

Today at work we gave Git a first shot as the new version control system for a rather big PHP project.

The decision was mainly based on the (documented and hoped for) ease of use, the abilities, and excellent reputation. If its good enough for Linus and the Linux Kernel, it can’t really be bad for us. To be honest, a certain degree of curiousness was involved, too.

First steps contained taking the current live and development version as a basis for the new repository, with the plan to branch as often as applicable to be able to maintain a „live“ branch by simply merging features from the single branches into it when required.

For the first day this went quite well although the stable built of the Eclipse plug-in (update site) did not work at all leaving us using the „integration“ release for now.

The process is really as easy as exemplarily shown in the documentation

$ cd (project-directory)
$ git init
$ (add som files)
$ git add .
$ git commit -m 'Initial commit'

At the beginning I always forgot to add the files and wondered why the commit would not happen to contain any difference — but that should only be a question of getting used to it. Looks fine, for now.